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Practice, Practice, Practice

So I’m going to serve desert. First every hostess is admonished ‘don’t serve anything you haven’t made before’. Ha!! I’d be left with canned chicken and oatmeal. So it’s into the breach lads, into the breach! The chocolate desert (there always has to be a chocolate desert) was offered by my niece Ashley Price – pictured with her proud mother above. What a wonder of chocolate with a pecan crust. Note to self, once the pecans are toasted and require cooling; don’t put them in the freezer at an angle. One side of the pan had crust the other sans crust. Oh well, when it defreezed I was able to mush it down. The filling was easy and the whole thing conveniently pops into the freeze 24 hours before the party. The instructions instruct to remove from freeze one hour before service. Well, what happens if one removes it just a tad too early, your kitchen is blazing and dinner is delayed by lack of oven space? The result? Chocolate mush. Tasty mush but still mush. Grrr!! The next desert was to be cheesecake, which I have made in the past with great success but my friend who will remain nameless suggested flan. What a great idea I thought, although I never made flan before I was ready or so I thought. First off, my nameless pal is an amazing cook and knows that when the recipe she sends reads; melt ½ c sugar on med-high heat that you are supposed to add a bit of water to make this happen. Hm? Third time was not the charm on this recipe but since I had blended the small can of condensed milk (what size is small anyway?) and the small carton of whipping cream (ditto), I poured it all on and hoped for the best. As you can imagine, it was not the best but boy we had fun trying!!