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My 44th Year on Earth!

Scuba Gear

My first thought this morning – I miss my family and friends. Yes, it’s my birthday and it will be a great day but my greatest wish would to host all my family and friends (dogs included) to a big party. Ames and Betsey would battle it out for best margarita. The yummiest Southwestern/Mexican food restaurant would cater and we would dance all night. Hey I can dream can’t I? All the dogs would have to get along so the dream continues. Alas, it’s not to be so my prayers are for all those I love that their lives would be filled with celebration and laughter.
As far as my bucket list goes, my shark dive is put on hold AGAIN due to weather. Darn that wind – do you think God is trying to tell me something? Normal underwater visibility for this area is 115 feet but with all the wind we were barely about to see 20 feet, still amazing but not the pinnacle. We dove a few days ago and out of the blue haze glided a six-foot nurse shark. At the time four-foot groupers weighing in at 200 pounds surrounded us. We were diving in a marine sanctuary and the fish seem to know they are safe. They swim right up to you to say HEY! I was surrounded by yellow fin the entire dive. Not too bad but not the shark experience I’m hoping for. We will continue to pursue the dream and hope the weather calms down. Robby presented his birthday scuba gift a month ago – he struggles with the whole waiting thing. He kitted me out with all a girl needs to dive the deep blue seas. (I model above). Oh my the places I have seen and will see but nothing is more precious then those I love. Blessings to all - T

10 April 2008 - Location Bahamas


It would be difficult to compare all the benefits of Judy’s situation in Denver - amazing friends, meaningful work, a beautiful home, opportunities to ski - just to name a few but boy the weather here is certainly an improvement. Love you Jud!!

10 April 2008 - Location Denver

Denver 10 April 08_1

On or about 10 April 2008 my sweet friend Judy Becerra sent me a picture of her backyard in Denver CO. No text with the message but the picture spoke volumes. Brrr!!!

Dawn Cameron & Tony Fergusson Web

Can you think of anything more romantic?

Dawn & Tony

Dawn Cameron & Tony Fergusson Wed

As Robb and I trip through this yachty existence, we discover interesting people who turn into friends. Robb is Mr. Social with a capital “S” and keeps me from my solitary existence of books. One of his favorite activities is inviting people out for a bit of dinner and the obligatory bottle of wine or two. Through another boaty pal, we met this delightful couple Dawn and Tony. I write it their names in that order specifically to hinder comparison to Tony and Dawn that 70s trio, which brings up frightening visual images of big hair and elevator sap.
On some of the larger yachts, relationships between crew are verboten. One can only imagine the drama that ensues when young, sexy, people join each other in tight living quarters in warm climes that require little clothing. Add to that a bit of alcohol and Yachty Melrose Place blossoms (read, Tami and Robb). To stave off that drama, larger yachts will fire people if they seek a life partner from within. So what do Dawn and Tony do, they sit down like rational, intelligent creatures (you can tell they are not from Texas!) discuss their relationship criteria, compare, contrast and quit! They actually quit their posh yachty jobs to love and travel together. Isn’t that romantic? This was a year ago and last month they flew off to New Zealand, Tony’s country of origin to say, “I do, I do to you”. Simple, elegant and lovely with a bit (well more than a bit) of wine thrown in. Can we all sigh with a bit of romantic longing?

Tatum, Tessa and Tayla

A Bevy of Blonde Beauties!

february 024

How cute are these little girls? From left to right it’s – Tatum (4), Tayla (9 months) and Tessa (2). The parental units - Tamara and Tyler are missing but it seems that once kids reach a certain age parents chose to absent themselves from photos. Who decided that parents should no longer be in the pics? Maybe the parents are too busy trying to get their kids to focus and smile to be in the photos?
Aren’t you glad someone out there is trying to raise decent, upstanding citizens? Doesn’t it give your heart a bit of joy to know there are dedicated parents who are working to teach their children about love, service, generosity and family? It’s a relief in a way, a bulwark against all the horror we hear on the news.
What puzzles me is that my age is marked by other people’s children’s growth. Wow, my sister’s kids have achieved high school and college ergo I’m wracking up years as well. I realize the passage of time in a general sense, my body sort of sags in various places and my laugh lines have become permanent (better than frown lines) but these kids remind me that life is whizzing by. Wow! It is a good thing lest I forget to be grateful, to laugh just a bit more and never say one day I will have fun. No, heavens no, today I will share the joy that’s plopped in my lap and be thankful.

The Venitts

Some families send Christmas cards, but the Venitt family sends love cards.

Venitt family from left to right –
Buddy – Looking like a supermodel which is in strong contrast to his normal hell bent on discovery, hyperactive, scared to death mode – it’s an odd combo but he suffered early childhood trauma so we offer grace to his chaos.
Sandy – Looking very svelte and lovely as always.
Alice – Queen Alice who would reject this photo out of hand, “Eh Gads my tongue is hanging out! And my gray is showing! What is mother thinking?”
Betsey – QBU – Queen Bee of the Universe and a wonderful friend.
Joe – Who is tugging at his leash, thinking “What the hell? I’m outside why am I not peeing, pooping or chasing the ball? Let me go, let me go, let me go so you can scratch my bum!”
Happy Valentine’s Day from the Venitt fam.

Mazel tov to the Markos

Welcome Maxwell Anthony Markos

Does Amy have her hands full or what? I sent an email out complaining about the lack of pictures of the new addition but realized “Holy Poop!! Ames has got to be pooped”. I apologized profusely. Max was welcomed on 4 February 2008, Ames’ birthday no less. (for your friends it will still be all about the Ames on your special day!) He was 20 days early and interrupted the best Super Bowl in years. What does this portend for the future?