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My 44th Year on Earth!

Scuba Gear

My first thought this morning – I miss my family and friends. Yes, it’s my birthday and it will be a great day but my greatest wish would to host all my family and friends (dogs included) to a big party. Ames and Betsey would battle it out for best margarita. The yummiest Southwestern/Mexican food restaurant would cater and we would dance all night. Hey I can dream can’t I? All the dogs would have to get along so the dream continues. Alas, it’s not to be so my prayers are for all those I love that their lives would be filled with celebration and laughter.
As far as my bucket list goes, my shark dive is put on hold AGAIN due to weather. Darn that wind – do you think God is trying to tell me something? Normal underwater visibility for this area is 115 feet but with all the wind we were barely about to see 20 feet, still amazing but not the pinnacle. We dove a few days ago and out of the blue haze glided a six-foot nurse shark. At the time four-foot groupers weighing in at 200 pounds surrounded us. We were diving in a marine sanctuary and the fish seem to know they are safe. They swim right up to you to say HEY! I was surrounded by yellow fin the entire dive. Not too bad but not the shark experience I’m hoping for. We will continue to pursue the dream and hope the weather calms down. Robby presented his birthday scuba gift a month ago – he struggles with the whole waiting thing. He kitted me out with all a girl needs to dive the deep blue seas. (I model above). Oh my the places I have seen and will see but nothing is more precious then those I love. Blessings to all - T

Johnny & Susan Come to Play

Robb’s Dad (Johnny) and his stepmom (Susan) came to play in January. Robb and I were thrilled to have visitors and esp. these. What a treat to hang with family in our current area of residence. It gets lonely here with just us two as we both love that family and friends connection. Johnny and Susan took off on a cruise to the islands but spent a few days wandering around FT L before departure. Johnny ran into 85 on the cruise and I so hope to have his mental and physical dexterity when I hit 85. They love my most favorite adventure, which is going to the bookstore and poking around the stacks. They buy and I write down titles to retrieve later from the library. If I ever see Ben Franklin, I will give him a huge smooch for creating the lending library. The space and money he saves me, oy vey! Johnny is up on all the new books and we threw back and forth the latest book reviews in the New York Times. Johnny also queried my religious beliefs on the concept of soul. It is good to rip open my mind again. It reminded me of how much I enjoy studying theology and pondering the deeper questions of how we should live. They invited back to Salt Lake City where they live. Susan is a doctor and works long hours as the head of a huge complex dept at the University Hospital – not too sure which one. I want to visit to see pictures of Robb with a mountain man beard, oh my goodness – just say no to facial hair. Why would he ever want to hide that cute face?

Photoshop Hell!!

Last weekend, I went home for a few days. Loads of fun visiting family, eating Mexican food, watching movies and alas selling my beloved Honda. The car was rotting away in my sister’s driveway so it had to be sold but I was sad. It was my independence car, my zoom, zoom Wyatt machine. Life changes are splendid but letting go is poignant.
While home family members asked, “why no blogs recently?” I attribute it all to Photoshop Hell. My parents gifted me with Photoshop for Christmas, which was thrilling BUT it came with a not so pleasant surprise. This is not a user-friendly program. You know all those people that have told you through the years to read the directions? Advice my sister and I scoff at yet…Elements requires directions. Not only do you have to read the directions but you have to read the book, watch the video and spend a multitude of hours trying to figure out what the hell you are doing. People are creating vast revenues of wealth simply teaching the neophyte Photoshop user how to play. Bah! Above is a sample of the pinnacle of my Photoshop usage, alright no snickering – it’s harder than it looks. Layers, smayers!

Christmas in FLL

Christmas in FL
For me, Christmas never really kicks off until I’m at church with my sister and her family on Christmas Eve. We sing “Go Tell It on the Mountain” and take communion. We all pile in the car and pig out at Marconi Grill on bread, butter and paste. Every year my arms feel full of what God has given. This year the plan was altered as FL was the Christmas city but still I was reminded of the love that surrounds me. Emails from family and friends encourage, offer gifts of insight and windows into the lives of those I love. How stunning the people that surround me. Robb and I spent our day lounging, bicycling, swimming and paying homage to the oceans. Despite being in FL, my family and friends are with me and I’m reminded of what Christmas is all about, sacrificial bountiful love. Blessings and grace to all.

Christmas 2007

Christmas Prices

Austin, Ashley & Connor

I don’t know how the rest of you feel about Christmas pictures but I LOVE them. Some people have told me they feel strange about sending out Christmas pictures of their families but they thrill me. So many incredible people cross my path and I do not get to see them F2F very often so pictures speak volumes to me. They always bring a smile to my face. This Christmas will be especially difficult as I will be in Ft Lauderdale and my beloved family will be in Big D so keep these cards and letters coming. And by the way, when do families reach the stage where they only send out pictures of the children and not the adults? Hm? Is it that people do not like the way they look in pictures? Oh come on, the people that love you, love to see you just as you are in all your creased glory!! Get in front of the camera (most include timers so the picture taker can race into the frame!) snap a few and send them on, it’s a treat for us out here in the far flung universe. Merry, merry Christmas everyone.