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Enjoy the Silence

Framing the Chaos
Do you ever find you are having a hard time sorting through the oncoming torrent? The world can be a pressure hose of noise, media, have tos, emotions that is aimed directly at your face. So much of what is essential to sanity gets blown off the radar by this torrent of chaos. So often I hear the lament of those who are single, ‘oh whoa is me’, yet peaceful reflection that which reminds of who God created us to be and what he has called us to do only occurs in solitude. What are we so afraid of? In the past week or so, my eyes pop open at 5 a. BAM! P2B (prior to boating) that was the norm but I also went to bed at 8 p. Now that my bedtime is pushed back my eye open time should move forward but not this week. Even though I know I will have to include a siesta in my day to make it, I enjoy the early morning hours. It is time to think, to breathe, and to enjoy the silence. What bliss!
P.S. I’m aware that the reverse is true as well, those sneaky night people who are amazingly awake at 1 a.m. to reflect and send thoughtful emails. Wow! Those people are amazing.