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Whenever anything happens, I always want to tell people. I want to ‘share’ what strange verbiage, we are a culture that enjoys gussing up innocuous sounding actions into something with verbiage. We go from tell to share – (how I do digress)
Anyway, I tell people stuff, usually unusual or considered ‘bad’, who wants to share good stuff? Response to good stuff shared - ‘Oh really, yawn, yawn, eye roll, that’s wonderful’ said in that distinct tone of voice which really conveys, ‘boring’. Boring = worst thing ever!
So I usually want to tell ‘bad’ things, lost a tooth, fight with a family member, crazy charter guests etc. Yes, not really bad stuff i.e. loss of a child, horrific medical diagnosis or somebody stole all my money a la Bernie M; these are not present in my life so I must complain about my ‘bad’ stuff. It never goes as planned.
Those around me instantly put my ‘bad’ stuff in perspective:

Me: Waah! – I lost a tooth –
(Fancy word alert!)
Cohort: Well, my friend lost four teeth and they were crammed up into his jaw while he was driving a sailboat in a race & he still won the race! He was spitting bits of tooth for years.
Me: Wow! Really, I guess mine wasn’t so bad.

Me: Waah! – So and so family member was mean to me –
Cohort: Well, my family member refused to accept the $400 gift for Christmas, as they wanted the larger one.
Me: Wow! I guess mine wasn’t so bad.

Me: Waah! – That charter guest treated me like poop (yea right, I held off on the s*#t word – working on it as always)
Cohort: Well, this guest pooped in his bed, wadded it up in the sheets and threw it in the laundry basket – took us all day to discover why the entire vessel smelled of poo.
Me: Wow! I guess mine wasn’t so bad.

You get my drift here. Perhaps some would be offended with this game of ‘I can top that’ but for me, it jolts me back onto the road I enjoy traveling on. My bliss world of “Wow! I guess mine wasn’t so bad.” Perspective realigned – poops happens to everyone and it’s usually worse for everyone else, so get on with it and enjoy life as you have been sparred the really bad poop.