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Photoshop Hell!!

Last weekend, I went home for a few days. Loads of fun visiting family, eating Mexican food, watching movies and alas selling my beloved Honda. The car was rotting away in my sister’s driveway so it had to be sold but I was sad. It was my independence car, my zoom, zoom Wyatt machine. Life changes are splendid but letting go is poignant.
While home family members asked, “why no blogs recently?” I attribute it all to Photoshop Hell. My parents gifted me with Photoshop for Christmas, which was thrilling BUT it came with a not so pleasant surprise. This is not a user-friendly program. You know all those people that have told you through the years to read the directions? Advice my sister and I scoff at yet…Elements requires directions. Not only do you have to read the directions but you have to read the book, watch the video and spend a multitude of hours trying to figure out what the hell you are doing. People are creating vast revenues of wealth simply teaching the neophyte Photoshop user how to play. Bah! Above is a sample of the pinnacle of my Photoshop usage, alright no snickering – it’s harder than it looks. Layers, smayers!