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Peacocks and Excitement

Yeah, yeah! New house, new house, happy day.  What a treat.  May the work begin.  So it took forever to close, people seem to think this is a matter of course, this 30 and more day waiting period. Someone with poor impulse control and a bit of OCD tendencies do not like to wait.  Want! Want! Want!
Once we get all documents signed, then we have to head to Fisher Island for New Year’s Eve, more waiting.  And all I want to do is garden.  Fisher Island, google it, supposedly the most expensive real estate in the US, so many places make that claim. This little - 9 miles long/ 1 mile wide - place posts a speed limit of 19.   19? Who’s decision was that? And did anyone tell the 12 year old that is driving behind me in Daddy’s ½ million dollar Porsche who is hooting at me.  Get a job, A—hole.  Notice how I can spell that Porsche word with no errors, complete and utter lust car.  Down girl.    
P.S. they do have peacocks there, absolutely gorgeous creatures, mesmerizing, took a number of pictures before I realized that is Mrs.’ car they are standing on.  Opps!