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Summer Vaca Activities

So I take time off from work to work NOT complaining, thrilled to get some house projects off the dream list. Not all projects are exciting but one has been hankering after my heart for a year or so – time all blends together when you are unemployed.
The contractor who remodeled all three bathrooms, built my beloved shed, repaved my patios and several other labor intensive projects is a fellow Texan – of course. What a gift this person has been, an honest, reasonable contractor who does what he says when he says and communicates effectively. According to word on the street, people like him are anomaly, how I got so lucky I’ll never know…..
When someone remodels your home, they are all up in your business. He sees the mess, hears the financial struggles, talks through the decisions, counsels on why the towel rack cannot go there and coordinates the tear and repair on the biggest purchase, I’ll ever make. So he and his fellows got to know me and my ways, fairly well.
One day when he and his crew were cleaning out the business storage unit, up cropped two very old & dusty stained glass windows. A passerby attempted to make a bid on taking them home but the Tile Expert, reminded my friend that the stained glass colors were all mine and would match 918 to a T. Praise be for thoughtful crew.
Anyway, that’s how I came to own two old, like really old, stained glass windows from a church in Ohio. They needed work and as time is precious and too many other projects got in the way, the stained glass windows were stowed for ‘later’. Well, it’s later.
Scrapping off 14 layers of paint, old caulk and sanding down to that beautiful wood.
A little of bit of silver caulk and the windows were ready to for their close up.
The project is not all the way done, the hooks need to be painted to blend into the ceiling, the window needs to be cleaned, and the outside foliage requires replacement – bye but oh my, oh my. Nothing like a dream come true.

Stained Glass