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Crew Alterations

Who is that fellow with the curly hair?
Welcome Julian! Well sort of at least for a bit, he only does day work. Our grouchy engineer is now being grouchy somewhere else. What a dust up. Crew is a sticky wicket. Remember all your roommate nightmares? Well they are revisited in loud refrain when you sign on for a yacht of certain dimension. Robb and I are forced to get along as we picked one another but crew joining us is wholly another matter. They choose to like us or not and at the end of the day, can’t we all be a bit insufferable at times? People are wiggy, all people are wiggy and working and living, 24/7, in a high performance oriented situation is a whole wiggyness in itself. Some boats run with 16 crew and more. Yikes, can you imagine? It would be like a wacky little village crammed together in a very small space. Let the drama commence. So Julian is joining us for a short time, not live aboard so Robb and I run around naked every chance we get. Ah the freedom of personal domain.