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Cooking is Hard!

Cooking is hard – Have I said that before? I’ll say it again. I think cooking is hard. My litany of ‘hardness’ is long but today I will focus on the pleasing others aspect of cooking. Creating a meal is like creating a margarita – everybody likes it just a little bit different. Blame Burger King – have it your way, my hiney – should be ‘sit down, shut up, eat and be grateful you have food to eat because most people don’t’ – not a great marketing campaign. My friend of a certain age (I’m that age too and believe it to be a fabulous age as what is the alternative?), but my friend Ann, says, ‘don’t you remember when we were kids and were told just to eat what was on our plate?’ I shake my head yes, but I also remember sitting at the dinner table, refusing to eat my green beans regardless of how long I had to sit there AND eventually learned to puke on command if forced. Yep, I puked on command, not to lose weight but to force my parents to give up on the whole veggies thing. It was the 60s, 70s and my mother will admit that she killed those veggies dead – forced to eat boiled the crap out of anything and you will learn to vomit on command too. How did I get here?
Back on message (I went rogue!). Cooking is hard because everybody likes it just a little bit different. To illustrate from a gathering last night. When served asparagus wrapped with prosciutto, the response:

Robb – “Needs more prosciutto”
Christian – “Not done enough”
Zela – “Oh no, done perfectly but prosciutto too salty – is it Italian prosciutto or is it from Detroit?”
Jen – “I’m a pescatarian, I don’t eat prosciutto.” (I firmly believe ‘pescatarian is a made up word)
Erin – “No I think the asparagus is cooked just right” – but she was a new guinea pig they are always kinder.

Oh goodness – sounds like the five bears, just right! Granted whenever I cook for friends, I ask for feedback – how else can I learn? Gloves off let me know so I don’t screw up with people who don’t care about me. Everyone invited to my home table, quickly admits they are grateful that someone preparing food for them BUT imagine if they were at a restaurant where they were paying for this? Or worse yet guests on a yacht offering feedback to the stewardess while the chef stands in the galley?
And by the way, cooking is hard but like all things difficult – completely worth it.