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Blessed are the Peacemaker

Blessed are the Peacemakerssmall_1

So I flew to Dallas a couple of weeks ago to visit family and sell my car. Gratefully the car went quick, which left me with ample opportunity to sit
back and enjoy my hometown milieu. My first morning I was greeted by the headlines on the new ‘castle’ law in Texas. Now I don’t have all the ins and outs but suffice it to say any wacko can shoot someone entering their home. Hm? Makes me a bit nervous but I usually do not enter people’s home unexpectantly so maybe I’m safe. BUT added to that law is the codicil that ANYONE can carry a gun in their car. Oh yeah, as long as they are not involved in gang activity – what defines gang activity? And they are not breaking the law – does driving 70 down the freeway constitute law breaking? Anyone can carry a gun in their car in Texas. This scares me. How many times have you mockingly shot a pointed finger at someone who cut you off? Since I’m usually the one cutting you off this kinda freaks me out. I’ve met these people who drive around on the city streets. These people are not sane. Now they legally carry guns with them? And can shoot me if they feel threatened? What!!! I feel threatened. Hey maybe I’ll buy a gun too and we can all shoot each other. Scary. (I know all the gun advocates are hurmping!) Have we become so fearful of fellow humans that carrying a gun is the only solution? And I bet many of these gun toters are card-carrying church members. To illustrate this assumption, I witnessed a vehicle, which carried the ‘real women pray’ bumper picture with a woman bowing before a cross on her back window and a sign advertising her all weapons firearms training on the side window. Oh goody, we can pray and then practice how to blow someone’s head off. I know the whole WWJD thing was a commercial nightmare embarrassment but the question remains. Would Jesus be a loud and proud member of the NRA? Does anyone remember a little old sermon titled Sermon on the Mount? Lord have mercy on us all.
P.S. Blind persons can get hunting licenses in Texas – nosh on that for a bit! Wouldn’t want to discriminate now would we?