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My sister is my special joy, the cream in my coffee, the person I want to share everything with even the fall on my face moments, making us laugh and move on.

Traci & I at Conner’s Wedding December 2013

She’s been with me every step of the way – 49 years and three days to be exact.
During this house do over, helping me with blue tiles, faucet decisions even those boring, ‘do I really want to think about this item’ = toilets. She wrestled with all these issues on her forced remodel a year or so ago, so she helps with the gentle question, ‘have you thought of...’ Invariably no. I’m the younger so it helps that I have someone who leads the way.
As things have very, very slowly come together I send pictures - excited to share each triumph but so frustratingly often my joy escalates, a project with only one step left, then disaster. Disasters primarily caused by moi. Take the front porch, it’s gone from success to success to disaster – how could I know all the paint would pull off with the hideous house numbers? And of course, I hear, “Tami” can’t do the sound Robb makes when he says my name but anyone can imagine.
And why is it that paint gives me such headaches when all the books say grab a can and get started? Paint hates me!
I am really talented, extremely talented, right? Sister? Right?

Home on Day of Purchase


Getting There…..
Tami Strikes! Grrrr!!!!