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Who has time to cook?

In all this ruminating on food, my mind always returns to the single Mom with two kids (or one or three). One lady in particular stands out and I remember all the juggling and working and straining she did to care for her children, manage a crazy, delinquent ex-husband and work a demanding 60-hour a week job. She is good and kind and wanted the best for her children but with absolutely no village to help in the raising.
Corporations transferring people hither and yon leave people with few community girders. Having moved so often I know how hard it is just to find a decent dentist, much less someone you can trust with your children. How is she supposed to add cooking to all the other duties? And don’t get me started on the lady with two jobs; has Ted Cruz ever met these people?
My feet will always be in two places, one in this yachting world of wealth and the other with those who struggle. Money does not equal happiness but it does give you the freedom to choose and that is a beginning of opportunity.