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Decorating Choices


A confounding, bizarre, and just plan blah! Aspect of this industry is adjusting to other’s decorating choices. Anyone who has visited my humble abode at 6348 knows I’m drawn to yellow, periwinkle, blue, and violet, what I consider happy colors. My office mates will recall the periwinkle palace; the entire office might be painted poop brown but not my space, thank you very much. But now I have offered up that freedom in the name of sailing the seven seas. What confounds me is defining what means what to the other person, an example: When someone asks that flowers be purchased I think happy flowers such as stargazer lilies, baby’s breath, Gerber daisies but how wrong I am. Nope their choice is greens. I sure wish I took a picture of my purchase for comparison but alas I did not think it noteworthy until I was corrected. An example of greens is pictured above, now who should we vote off the island?