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I'm fiddlin'

Bradley Cooper
Entertainment is tricky. We are culture that insists on being amused, constant uninterrupted entertainment. Don’t bore me, I get angry. But what entertains one bores the next so a myriad of options is the norm. The more money, the more options, yes we are fiddling while Rome burns.
So when everyone goes home, I’m left with a multitude of entertainment options. Hard to choose. We have this one system that stores 350+ movies, which I regularly update with a broad range of the latest and greatest. Any movie, any TV (we have 11), any time. Given the emphasis on range, there are some movies that maybe don’t hit my fancy bone. The Hangover is one such movie, really? Four adult men acting like idiots in Vegas hm? How cliché. Not high on my watch list. Comedies, no way, elitist foreign language arty farty chick that I am.
BUT sometimes, even I must succumb to absolute stupidity and join the millions who laugh loud and long. Besides I’m working the accounts, in my robe, drinking coffee, on my widescreen 55 in HD TV, with the calm ocean at my back – it’s a living!
And Bradley Cooper is hot! Smokin’!