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What Type of Garden are You?

My Girlfriend and her young pal – came up with this game:
Ri C

One person thinks of a person and the other must ask questions to figure out who the person is. Questions like:

If the person were a flower what kind of flower would they be?
If the person were a sandwich what kind of sandwich would they be?
If this person were an animal what kind of animal would they be?

You get the picture right?
This game is way over my reasoning abilities. What the heck?

Okay, I will say there was wine involved, which immediately impairs all sorts of my facilities but the game made an impression. So when I toured a few gardens in Portland the game was ringing in my memory. The gardens did ‘speak’ to me. The Japanese Garden, although extremely peaceful and serene and green it was just too not me.
Jap Gar

Then the International Rose Garden was up with 10,000 test roses abundance of color and smell and beauty. Closer but just not quite.

Rose Gar

Then as I randomly drove around Portland astound by the beauty of the flowers, I found a deep purple home that spoke to my soul – ahhhh!! The garden is a mess of size and style and color, everything everywhere. Now that is just right me!