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The Venitts

Some families send Christmas cards, but the Venitt family sends love cards.

Venitt family from left to right –
Buddy – Looking like a supermodel which is in strong contrast to his normal hell bent on discovery, hyperactive, scared to death mode – it’s an odd combo but he suffered early childhood trauma so we offer grace to his chaos.
Sandy – Looking very svelte and lovely as always.
Alice – Queen Alice who would reject this photo out of hand, “Eh Gads my tongue is hanging out! And my gray is showing! What is mother thinking?”
Betsey – QBU – Queen Bee of the Universe and a wonderful friend.
Joe – Who is tugging at his leash, thinking “What the hell? I’m outside why am I not peeing, pooping or chasing the ball? Let me go, let me go, let me go so you can scratch my bum!”
Happy Valentine’s Day from the Venitt fam.