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Source of Bliss


purchased a bit of bliss for a birthday present and wondered who came up with this ingenious branding bulls@*t?
Commercial Break – I don’t completely spell out foul language in this blog in deference to my readers of the Evangelical persuasion. Except ‘hell’ I’ll spell out ‘hell’ as a friend I knew a few years ago, said ‘hell, is a location NOT a curse word!” Amen to that.
Anyway, bliss in a bottle? Ahhh, the grand illusion. Whether it is Scotch, Chardonnay, beauty product or chocolate syrup, bliss cannot be found in a bottle – This I know for Sure – a la Oprah! Although I’m not past layering on the yummy smelling, luxurious lotion and praying for Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman skin any of those red-haired Aussies who luminesce on screen – Grr!! Hisss, Hisss, green monster of jealousy.
My more rational strong self knows that bliss ONLY comes from knowing God gave me the wisdom and strength to take the next step in this crazy, hard fought existence, holding tightly to the FACT that there will be love and laughter in my future!
Find your Bliss! – Please don’t put that on anything as my next post will explain…….