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Menu for 20

The aforementioned ode to coffee is written to give credit to what is keeping me going these days. Every morning for the past month, I wake up earlier and earlier ruminating over the dinner for 20. Yesterday, I discovered that not only will it be a cocktail party followed by buffet dinner for 20 but it will take place on Dec 7th, not the 4th which was the previous delusion. Oh Lands that puts a kink in the works. Why you may ask? Well, that means I will have to provision for the party at the dock in Miami without a car. Yes, yes much of what I need can be purchased before hand but only the freshest of ingredients will do for this group of foodies. I mean everyone coming to the party is from New Orleans and they know good food. And my Greek crew chorus bleats for only the best – man are these guys spoiled. Oh my, Oh my. It’s also the middle of winter everywhere else so do you serve a ‘winter’ menu or stick to your own locale? Soon, very soon the menu will be posted and I need feedback. What to serve? What to serve?