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Christmas in FLL

Christmas in FL
For me, Christmas never really kicks off until I’m at church with my sister and her family on Christmas Eve. We sing “Go Tell It on the Mountain” and take communion. We all pile in the car and pig out at Marconi Grill on bread, butter and paste. Every year my arms feel full of what God has given. This year the plan was altered as FL was the Christmas city but still I was reminded of the love that surrounds me. Emails from family and friends encourage, offer gifts of insight and windows into the lives of those I love. How stunning the people that surround me. Robb and I spent our day lounging, bicycling, swimming and paying homage to the oceans. Despite being in FL, my family and friends are with me and I’m reminded of what Christmas is all about, sacrificial bountiful love. Blessings and grace to all.