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13 People for 34 Days

How do you decide what to cook?
It is the hardest part of my job, what to serve others for dinner? Unrelenting as we are all hungry all the time.
And not only is it others but it is the people I want to please, unhappy = unemployment. Yikes!
And as with all things humanity, different people have different loves. When my “I wanna make everyone happy” codependency confronts my “I only have so much time” stress ensues. To give you an idea of what it takes to plan, I tell you about an upcoming trip. 34 days, 8 guests, what cha’ gonna serve for dinner and for lunch? You are in the Bahamas so produce is very limited and everything is incredibly expensive - $4 for a quart of milk/$15 for a case of water. So many things to consider:

Start with 34 Lunches and 34 Dinners, 8 guests, 5 crew, let’s begin.

Boss likes fresh green juice – 30 days of fresh green juice with no Whole Foods option? And the Bahamas is very limited with green produce. How to extend the life of celery without using all fridge space.

Everyone wants the freshest protein with a delectable sauce and I want fresh veg, how do you plan?

Remember storage is limited…

I’m just beginning to contemplate the options and already I feel overwhelmed.

Protein/Carb/Veg – that’s the list…Lunch, Dinner 34 days. Start planning….