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Salon and Dining B & A

It’s awfully hard to put away the catty when reviewing the ‘before’ pictures. I try to explain the before pictures with the phrase, ‘their color palette is different then mine.’ I must end it there or I’ll go on and on about the Roman stripper pole, the velvet drapes and can we talk about the tile? I hate the tile but the cost of removing all the truly ugly horrific tile was prohibitive, (fancy word for too f’ing expensive right now). Oh I could go on about that tile but I’ll stop now.

Salon and Dining Area Dec 2012

Salon B1SSalon Bsm

Salon and Dining Area Nov 2013
Please understand that (almost) all items were purchased via consignment stores. Had custom furniture once, paid a pile, then ended up giving it all away when I moved. Amazing luck with the consignment stores, $300 for Pottery Barn slipcover chair with ottoman – purchased two BUT they were red – Robb loves red (his color palette is different then mine as well). Slipcovers are coming, slowly, very slowly, but soon, very soon these chairs which I LOVE, will be covered. Take that into consideration.


Dining Room

Salon after the Rental People’s Interior Design team moved some things around for the pictures – like it! Nov 2013 but I’m still convinced that Interior Designers get paid by the pillow.
Salon I