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Health Care "Debate"

How many people protesting ‘Obamacare’ describe themselves as evangelical Christians? Health Care is a complex debate requiring thoughtful consideration and all we manage is outsized Mickey Mouse hand with No!No!No! I throw the evangelical in there as I consider myself one but choose to focus on the “Blessed are the peacemakers” portions not the T-shirt slogan of ‘Gods, Gun and Freedom’ as I don’t remember reading that phrase in my theological studies.

What are they saying ‘No’ to? That everyone be required to carry health care insurance? I do not disagree that no one should be ‘forced’ to purchase the current abysmal insurance options, which are cumbersome, costly and do nothing to foster health? But I’m certainly not going to Washington to protest, I think it might be better to speak with BC/BS but they wouldn’t listen (too busy counting their billions) so what is the point?

So these people have proved they can put a glove on but have they developed any informed alternatives? Do we not already have a system of government health care imposed on us by automatic paycheck withdrawal and forced acceptance as we progress through life? And to stretch the irony of the ‘debate’ is that old rich people in flowing dresses who do have gov't funded health care (much better then any we could purchase) are the arbitrators of this debacle?