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Off to Pull those Weeds!

How many landscapers does it take to pull a weed?
So I return to my home to again ponder the dilemma of landscaping. Is the use of pesticides in home yards universal? Every landscaper I speak with tells me I cannot pursue beauty without pesticides. How did our obsession with our bodies, i.e. the shooting of toxic chemicals in our foreheads mentality dribble off on to our yards? You might think this is a leap BUT there are those who consume chemicals (let’s pick on Coke – I mean Coke can clean a toilet so it must be ok to drink right?) So isn’t pouring Coke into our bellies similar to pouring Roundup in our yards? And Roundup is as ubiquitous as Coke, have you been to Lowe’s lately? Horribly oppressive, frightening, baffling. But if you don’t get onboard to the chemical bandwagon all landscapers will look at you, shake their heads and refuse to return. Discouraging!

I highlight just a snippet of a recent op-ed in NYT which makes the point it better then I….

“…The United States Fish and Wildlife Service says homeowners use up to 10 times more chemicals per acre than farmers do. Some of these chemicals rub off on children or pets, but most are washed with rainwater into our streams, lakes and rivers or are absorbed into our groundwater. These are the sources of our drinking water, and tests show these chemicals are indeed contaminating our water supply.
A study by the United States Geological Survey released in 1999 found at least one pesticide, and often more than one, in almost every stream and fish sample tested, and in about half of the samples drawn from wells throughout the country. These pesticides are going from our lawns and gardens into our drinking water and into our bodies…”
Reported by Diane Lewis a physician and the founder of the Great Healthy Yard Project