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Adolescent Angst

Since the age of knowing (whenever that is) I made a conscious decision to only allow kind people into my life (okay I screwed that up with some poor romantic choices) BUT I hung on when it came to building a family outside of my gene pool. Despite my high standards of meaningful relationships, I’ve never been without a confidente, a safe gang of others who know me and still love me.
The people I have in my life inspire awe.
BUT this weekend I must walk into the lions’ den and my inside is a whirling dervish of turmoil. I liken it to the Tasmanian Devil running around in my gut.
I’ll only be on the ground for 48 hours. I’m going for a completely celebratory and happy event so I’m working on getting over my bad self and walking with my head held high. – HELP!
I knew I was in trouble when I woke up at 5 a.m. obsessing about what dress I’m going to wear. Who gives a shit? It’s not about me. But I do look a bit like Morticia Adams.
The chaos in my mind…..