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Vicious Attack Caterpillar!


Beware of fuzzy things munching on the Hibiscus! Brushed by the bush and ouch! What the hell? Looked closer and discovered this cool looking guy (or gal – how can you tell?) was chomping on my Hibiscus bush. I ran to look him up, as I want caterpillars as they lead to butterflies – something I want to encourage – but how do you know what caterpillars turn into butterflies? Not sure so I looked him up and he turns into Lo Moth, eke! It’s a moth. I have limited understanding of moths so of course I kill all these caterpillars – what am I George W? Opps, politics showing. But wait, are moths bad? Butterflies are easy – oh pretty accompanied by zombie gaze – but moths? Moths are yucky right? Experience with moths: cedar repels moths, there is all sorts of things at the Container Store that repels moths & vague memories of moth repellent in my mother’s sweater bins, smelled yucky – Moths = Bad, right? Not so fast as with all things there is a spectrum, variety, some good, some bad, Lo Moths are good, I think, there is probably evidence out there that they are bad but I’ve killed them all anyway so does it matter now? Again the memories of WMD and Afghanistan haunt me, must be that American Sniper movie, maybe killing things that threaten us is in the U.S. genetic code? Knee jerk reaction but as always this maybe wasn’t such a good idea. But I was given a reprieve, after frantically searching for a lone survivor one was found.
Sorry but this whole kill first ask questions later, haunts me, as I think we are better than that. Perhaps it is because I write this on Martin Luther King’s birthday, he was 39 yo when he died, yikes! I’m 50 what the hell am I doing?