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A Dream called Home

So remember back in April when I started dreaming about Home? Home is a relative concept when you live on/in what’s the correct preposition? Anyway, some but not all yacht jobs are what are termed as ‘live aboard’, i.e. we live on the yacht that we are working on. There is a tendency by some yacht crew to consider the yacht their personal domain often creating tension when the ‘real’ i.e. the ones who pay for the home show up.
Crew must remember they are living in someone else’s home. It may be a 10 gajillion dollar ‘home’ that floats with crew spending many hours maintaining but it’s never the crews’ home. Crew can never get too comfortable, or they might find their bags on the dock effectively rendering themselves homeless.
So despite being the ‘live aboard’ variety, Robb and I agreed we would love a retreat to call our own. And as blessings would have it, I was favored in a will from very hard working family members that left me with a lump sum to fund a home of our own. Wow! Just wow! On that bit of blessings.
As Robb and began to look, we instantly realized that being a bike ride to the beach was a nonnegotiable. A walk to the beach was a budget buster but a leisurely bike ride was a possibility. We were also introduced to a vacation luxury rental company that could facilitate use of the home while we were off doing what we love.
So the search began and it was not long before we walked in and said ‘hm? hm? hm? We had certain parameters required by the rental company, 3 bdrm 2 bath and a pool, which were essential, but this home had that heart/mind fit. I won’t bore you with the two weeks of mind stress chaos that went into the preapproval process but finally we were able to make an offer and it was accepted. We start the process of surveying on Tuesdays, so it’s never done until the escrow lady sings but I’m here dreaming.

Front View
Walk in
What you see when you walk in the front door. Front Room
Walking to the kitchen. Hate the wall color but that’s a paint can.

The previous owner remodeled the garage into a gourmet galley. Yes, that’s a six burner gas stove and a wine frig. Wow! They did the hard part, now we get to enjoy!
Maybe. Don’t get too excited Tami…….