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Indescribably Beautiful

So we spent a bit of summer in Harbor Island, working but inspired. People can poo poo the Bahamas, no it’s not chichi St Barts or luscious St Lucia but it is right off the U.S. coast just a short hop away and it’s incredible. I took multiple (maybe 100s) pictures but it cannot do it justice. But Harbor Island is the one of the most beautiful places you can go, I highly recommend it!
My favorite of the 100s of shots I took while ‘working’!

The famous pink sand beach

Water so clear it’s the ocean pool
Underwater structures are like skyscrapers to swim through with a myriad of characters, to include two sharks that scared the crap out of me, as I was not really looking! The colors underwater are mesmerizing!
Purple Sea Fan
French AngelfishAngelfish

And my all time favorite – Paddling away from everything!