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Portland Ethos

Portland Ethos – Sustain our Precious Earth –
Perhaps this impression is only ½ developed as I was sequestered in the southeast section – Portland is referenced as four quadrants –
But I left Portland with the conviction of these city’s efforts to foster reuse, recycle, and better yet don’t buy it!
Returning to the FLL, I looked around for efforts to save the plant but they did not seem to be as ubiquitous as Portland’s. I’m feeling generous but the only thing I see in FLL is an effort to save the turtle nesting sites and an occasional recycle bin – paltry!
And returning to FLL to work in a boatyard is the height of despair for our natural world.
Boatyards are horrific places of toxic morass. And in this particular boatyard, 80% of the vessels are created for personal leisure. Nowhere in this boatyard is a recycle bin and nowhere do I witness an attempt to manage our dwindling resources. Yesterday I witnessed a Captain on a HUGE vessel (180 ft +) drink a small Fiji water bottle (more on that later) then throw it on the ground and walk away. Granted he threw it into a puddle of noxious bottom paint + other draining toxins but he is one given the opportunity to stand in awe of our oceans. How do we connect this man’s choices to either destruction or nurture of that which his industry is built? I pondered throwing the empty water bottle in his face but I didn’t think that would help, but it would make me feel better.