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Portland Cooking - Day 2

Portland – Day 2 – Beef Day
Okay so fish day was a very long day but beef not so much. Kimi and I are sort of not into beef, me because I equate cows horrendous environmental and digestive destruction – trendy paleo diet be damned. But those big shiny white boats love them some cow so beef day it is. Kimi did provide exceptional information on grass fed beef, which is the superior environmental choice although spoiler alert many people are so accustomed to corn, fed beef that the grass fed can be an Ew! Little butter, little garlic no more Ew! We worked on fabricating a tenderloin then cooking it all up and yummy. Ho hum, informative but it was the brussel sprout fritters that lite our fire. My first attempt at the fitters failed so I asked Kimi for a do over, note to self, when you triple the amount of brussel sprouts in a recipe, triple everything else too. I know some of you are whipping out your Ew! on this one but don’t knock it until you try it. Kimi and I had trouble leaving the house for the full throttle gorge. Dude we handled the beef but the brussel sprouts are the addiction.
Brussel Sprouts