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Tatum, Tessa and Tayla

A Bevy of Blonde Beauties!

february 024

How cute are these little girls? From left to right it’s – Tatum (4), Tayla (9 months) and Tessa (2). The parental units - Tamara and Tyler are missing but it seems that once kids reach a certain age parents chose to absent themselves from photos. Who decided that parents should no longer be in the pics? Maybe the parents are too busy trying to get their kids to focus and smile to be in the photos?
Aren’t you glad someone out there is trying to raise decent, upstanding citizens? Doesn’t it give your heart a bit of joy to know there are dedicated parents who are working to teach their children about love, service, generosity and family? It’s a relief in a way, a bulwark against all the horror we hear on the news.
What puzzles me is that my age is marked by other people’s children’s growth. Wow, my sister’s kids have achieved high school and college ergo I’m wracking up years as well. I realize the passage of time in a general sense, my body sort of sags in various places and my laugh lines have become permanent (better than frown lines) but these kids remind me that life is whizzing by. Wow! It is a good thing lest I forget to be grateful, to laugh just a bit more and never say one day I will have fun. No, heavens no, today I will share the joy that’s plopped in my lap and be thankful.