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Bon Appetite


“My life in France by Julia Child” was my audio book de jour as I whipped up dinner. The book’s focus is on her memories of moving to France with her husband who was in the State Department, her discovery of cooking a la francaise and the development of her two initial mastery works. What a personality and what commitment. Her reminisces are a delightful and immensely encouraging. She admits to her continual practice that was certainly not always perfect. She also empathetically states that a cook should NEVER apologize for her efforts even if she realizes it’s less than her best. This I try to remember as I know I’m harder on myself than anyone else ever would be. On the edges of her story are political developments – McCarthyism (frightening) and cultural phenomenon – TV (perhaps more frightening?). What stoo d at the center of the oeuvre is her relationship with Paul Child her husband of so many years. It was truly a partnership of like minds and like loves. What a gift. I have a few DVDs of hers on reserve at my library. Do you know she could debone a chicken leaving it completely intact in less than 12 minutes? Now that’s something to see.