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My New Favorite Place

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Working on yachts, takes you places, some times lovely, some times boring, it’s a crapshoot. Every boat is different and you get what you paid for, i.e. it’s a job not a vacation-planning tool. When I ask a prospective employee, why do you do this and the response is travel, their resume goes in the toilet. So much of this job is waiting in places that you aren’t so keen on to go to a place of which you are keenly excited about but are tied to the boat because it’s a job, not a vacation. Or all the guests just left and you are too tired to see much less walk around enjoying the world you find yourself in.

All that said, I’ve been fortunate to be allowed a bit of freedom that I take full advantage of. As this summer we were in New England and I had two long breaks I experienced Washington DC as I wanted to. Pictures of the Lincoln Memorial at night, the National Portrait Gallery and the Library of Congress – oh the Library of Congress, the library of all libraries in the U.S. Robb picks up every bit of flotsam and jetsam that each city provides, it’s good as he is always searching for the very best thing for guests to do but I of course obsess about the tress and the paper waste. And I’m always the one to pick them all up and try to decide what the hell to do with them. Have I mentioned that Robb is a ‘collector’, in quotes as what is he really ‘collecting’ with his random pieces of wood, jewelry and the occasional rubber ducky – I kid you NOT. Anyway, one of these pieces of paper landed in front of me as I was stuffing cereal down my throat. It was a ritzy rag advertising watches that cost the annual GDP of a small Central American country BUT it also contained a blip on one of the buildings that house the library of Congress. Most notably the Thomas Jefferson Building, I’d heard vague mumblings of this Library in the past but it never peaked my interest at it did at this moment. What was this place? Why was it so beautiful? Well, it’s a library, isn’t that my ‘happy place’ I go to when very, very scared? Libraries are quite, they are full of books, books I may not want to read but books which do not talk back, do not offer an opinion that speaks louder if you refuse to believe and did I mention it’s quite? Yes, sounds like the place for me. Can you say Geeks are Us, I’m excited about a dag burn library? I quivered with excitement. As the current exhibits were based around Thomas Jefferson’s library and the 100 Books that Shaped America – Exhibits meant for me.