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New York F#@ks with my Zen!

Maybe it was the turned around time for the trip – we were returning, on bumpy seas, from an owner’s trip at Atlantis for Memorial Day when Robb decided that to reserve the hotel room – but I had to figure out the plane tickets?
Maybe it’s the bliss of living on the ocean – what can top that?
Maybe it was the lack of preplanning, which resulted in no tickets were available for the Theater shows I wanted to see? Well, no tickets less than $500…

New York City is the torrent of sights, sounds and information. It’s a very small place packed with some of the most creative and challenging people on earth. It’s a wonder in so many ways but if Johnny and Susan weren’t hanging out in the City, it would be the last place on earth I would want to go.
But it was Johnny and Susan and they are delightful.
So off we went to New York, for four days when the city was experiencing it’s first heat wave and the a/c was not catching up.
I’ll stop whining now….
And where else would I have been able to see the 2012 film version of Kon Tiki – now those guys had some cajones.