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How is this still a thing?

John Oliver Last Week
John Oliver Last Week Tonight is absolutely brilliant. For multiple reasons, I adore this show. It’s news I can use. The “How is this still a thing” segment is standing ovation worthy. This tag line reverberates in my head when I notice anything that forces me to ask, “How is this still a Thing?” Most of the things I apply this appellation to are far less weighty, like the dude with the flipped collar in Starbucks? Come on how is this still a thing?

How is?

Other things that truly incite my ire: single use items, prejudice & using the U.S. military in an imperialistic, resource grabbing, scorched earth manner are too inflammatory to my soul & far too complex for me manage in any way but useless raging.
John Oliver could.
Suggestion box Mr. Oliver, please!
For a John Oliver segment that I absolutely adore, please just click the link – I dare ya!