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The Women of Gee's Bend


Have you experienced these women and their art? At some point their story moved through the cultural hodge podge of our media world but I couldn’t say exactly when. I heard the story but did not expect to experience the quilts first hand. Serendipitously, 40 of the quilts were on display at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. On Thursday evenings admission is free so Robb and I walked right in. We were rewarded by art that shimmered with soul. Art as a strict definition is elusive. One person’s art is another’s person uh? This truth was brought home on our recent interaction with Art Basel in Miami. But these quilts I experienced as art as difficult as it is to adequately define what that is. A community of persons who chose to painstakingly create, that which is beautiful in the face of darkness. They utilized materials worn by persons who toiled the dry parched earth for sustenance. Their art kept them warm in the winter and comforted their souls. Critics laud the artists and their quilts but critics laud all sorts of things I find baffling. But these quilts hummed with the soul of creation and my understanding of art is enriched through their prism. What a treat.