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Are you Listening?

If no one is listening, just SCREAM!
Punk music can be so confusing. It is loud, angry, almost frightening in it’s pissed offedness. I wonder if it is because no one was really listening. Haven’t we all experienced that tingle of awareness when the person in front of us is not really hearing us? Our intended audience is simply shutting us out. A typical response is to speak louder as if that would help. This does not aid the listening process but results in a turning away whether physically with a back turn, an internal wall that is revealed in their gaze or their returned scream. I have sympathy for those enraged punk rockers, I too want to scream, stomp my feet and ram into others. Are you listening? Are you hearing me? If you will not listen I will get louder and louder until you are broken by my thunderous sounds.