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What Do We Have Kooties?

So on boats of a certain size contain two washer/dryer stations.  And normally they are stations, actual rooms with pressing machine for sheets, lovely cabinets and folding areas.  I wonder how many kid carers would love to have what I take as a matter of course? But alright, we all know that yachts are of a certain standard so what? The question I have is when do you have enough funds to not have your laundry mix with the hooly pooly? Multiple stews have instructed me with various levels of stridency that crew materials do not mix with yacht owner luxuries.  So I understand I’m not to mix the clothes with engine room towels and not even crew uniforms with washable items but crew personal towels with owner beach towels? Do you know how many times, a yacht owner uses a towel? Once.  And what about when I working to ‘flip’ the boat, i.e. clean the entire vessel top to bottom when the guests depart, is it permissible to sneak in an upstairs load downstairs? Or vice verse.  As I said, don’t tell me no, I’ll push that limit every time.  Such a rebel.