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Fighting Lady

Symbolism, think Curvy Coke bottle, Nike swish, the ubiquitous Golden Arches, then the visceral symbols of Swastika, Hammer and Sickle and I would include the Confederate Flag. The boat is currently docked in ‘The Grove’, Coconut Grove; I call it the Highland Park of Miami to help the Texas readers visualize the area, Cherry Hill for those in Denver and Pasadena for those in LA. It’s an enclave of wealth and beauty with a certain Latin flair (and multiple Bentleys with bumper stickers? Hm?). In the midst of this multicultural (and multieconomic – head west two streets and you will see what I mean) is this fishing boat with a Confederate Flag painted across the stern. I’m endlessly fascinated by what people choose to name their boats. How would one pick? I can’t even pick a shower faucet, a boat name? How could I? But this vessel not only sports a Confederate Flag but a naked mermaid with long blonde hair obscuring her face, baffling combo, in gold script is the boat name - “Fighting Lady”. The Captain of that vessel runs another named Clueless, that about says it doesn’t it? But it’s the Confederate Flag that sparks a grunt of anger and a WTF? I imagine those who live under an opaque historical reality bubble believe this Confederate cross stands for a way of life, a symbol of the South, taking a stand against the Federal government and/or a declaration of freedom. Bullshit. Utter and complete BS. It stands for a horrific war fought between neighbors and families out of arrogance, fear and hatred. The only thing right in all of it, is that through the blood it was confirmed `that humans can not be owned by deed in the United States’ - people are people no matter our color, our blood all runs red when wounded. I’m reminded of that everyday I walk by “Fighting Lady” knowing the true nature of a Lady stands up against evil and keeps her clothes on in public.