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Must be a grown up!

Haven’t posted in ages due to workload and overwhelming decision-making processes. Sweet pal Jodi spent a sum to paint her 15-year-old car as friends from high school kept saying, ‘look you are still driving…’ I have no experience with a 15-year-old car as I tend to run into things on a fairly regular basis and given the high level of speed I prefer cars don’t last long in my ‘care’. Four wheels and a great engine, that’s all I require, I’ll scrape the paint anyway. Got a speeding ticket the other day and laughed with the police officer, “Now Robb will never let me drive”. He says I scare him, I think he is being Captain Control.
But a recent agonized decision did force me to ponder the ‘Now am I a grown up? Issue’, my first washer / dryer acquisition. In all my soon to be 48 or 49 years, I never can remember, I’ve never purchased / chosen a washer or dryer. Heretofore they have simply manifested in my living spaces. And the level of crap one must consider when buying these things, no wonder I unknowingly avoided it like the plague. What an absolute pain in the ass! And to top is all off my sister (later confirmed by several others) tells me Consumer Reports is not to be trusted? And if you can’t trust CR who can you trust? Truth in advertising is unavailable. The man at Sears, says they are all basically the same, the massage therapist says the low water use ones don’t really clean, the lady at the consignment store says the control panels routinely break down and all I can remember about this issue is the lonely Maytag repair man ad from my childhood – not an accurate barometer as Maytag was bought by Whirlpool and Amazon says, Maytags suck! Needless to say, the impatient shopper I am, I was ready to purchase the Samsung simply because they made cool TVs.
Blessings that Robb is the obsessive shopper that he is, drives me absolutely bat crazy but he goes to a hundred different stores (well, 10 but it feels like a 100 when you have so many other things to do besides shopping for a washer / dryer – can you say BORING!) Anyway, he insisted on one last store, then promised I could just order something off the Internet and be done with it. Walking into this fancy store with Wolf Ranges and Miele options we both went hmmm? ‘This might be past our budget constraints’. It was a fancy store with all the lust objects, that say, “Ha, Ha, you can’t have me.” Well, actually I could but then I couldn’t have anything else and that would be a sad, empty house with really clean old clothes. But I spied a back door that said, “outlet” and Ta Da, a floor model that was a top of the line LG. CR says it’s a great brand but since we’ve established that CR is crap, I bought the extended warranty. Not only was it within our budget but the dryer was gas which we’d been told we must special order and pay extra for. I hovered over the find, fending off a very nice French lady who kept eyeing me suspiciously, she was in washer / dryer decision hell but she was not getting mine! Sweet sigh of relief, bliss, washer / dryer list check off.
Experience confirming my belief that shopping is bad for morale! More beach time please.