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The Best Gift Ever!

So I jumped ship. Amusing throwing all your crap into a dock cart and running down the dock to sanity. I still smile about my willingness to just say Yes! to walking away. Lucky me. When I count the fortuitous confluences allowing me to say yes, my raucous, freedom loving, Uncle Brice looms large. He died a couple of years ago and his beneficiaries were left entangled in a web of lawyers being very suspicious. 7 Beneficiaries + 9 Lawyers = Years of Fort Worth, Texas Crazy. BUT the final check was due to arrive shortly after my run to sanity. And arrive it did. My kind hearted raucous Uncle Brice delights that monies from his estate allowed me the freedom to give the finger to darkness. Wherever he is, I hope he is dancing the tango, surrounded by loving partners.

So I ran home. My house is HUGE, from my standards, great rental potential and wonderful for a safe place to run to (but too big – see later post). Me, myself and I. And a few repair people, and a couple of landscapers and me, doing my homey thing. Creating a nest of nurture, for others to enjoy while I keep doing what I love, soon. But not right now, not yet. I determined that the gift of time is appropriate at this juncture. A treasure. An absolute treasure is time. So thank you Uncle Brice for the best gift of all – time.