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Call the Coast Guard!


Water Sundays are scary. When out on the boat, Sundays offers up the full display of those we call the “OO” – owner operators. Add the usual slush of alcohol and loud music and a scary scenario may unfold. It pays to keep eyes peeled and senses on alert.

About four miles out from Nassau, Boris and I were standing watch, laughing and doing the scan. Scanning the areas just in front of the bow, just off the bow and a mile forward constantly scanning the water to know what’s ahead. That’s our job!
Commercial Break: Nothing is better then being on the water.
We had a full load of guests excited for the first stop on the summer 2013 Bahamas tour. About four miles outside of Nassau, as I scanned starboard and saw something, not sure what it was, too far out for buoy but it was red, kinda big, kinda something. I grabbed the binoculars to get a closer a look and what the heck, it’s a red jet ski hood lifted with a rider expressing his desperation with frantically waving arms. I said, “Boris look we gotta go get him.” Boris a good guy, hardworking, I call him the Slovenian, because he is from Slovenia and its fun to say. Boris likes to eat raw garlic, onions and is willing to dry dishes when asked nicely. I knew he would do what he could to rescue the stranded jet skier. Yikes! Four miles out, no other boats in sight and the current rushing toward Cuba – this guy was in trouble.

Jet skiers are scary, most do not have a clue what they are doing, just riding as fast as they can in any direction without a care (I enjoy a speedy jet ski ride myself) but the ocean is not your friend. The ocean is nature, the Teacher who is truly in control. Novice jet skiers, experienced jet skiers, love the jet skies but they break early and often so beware, make a plan about what you will do when they break because they will. So here sits a broken jet ski with a novice rider four miles out from Nassau - the only hope is my man Boris. The dude is lucky it was overcast and Boris is a great boat driver as in a panic the dude jumped in the water scrambling to get off the broken jet ski and into the tender. Boris handily brought the guy onboard, tied up the jet ski and headed off for Nassau.


Boris is a way lousy gossip but we did find out the dude was from South Carolina, his cruise ship was leaving at 5 p (we picked him up at 4 p) and his girlfriend had left him stranded an hour before to go seek ‘help’. What kinda of help we are still curious about as she could have used the working jet ski to to tow the broken jet ski home – see picture with rope. She could have called the Coast Guard to launch a rescue. So sometime in the future we might see a 48 hours program on some dude from South Carolina that ‘fell’ off a cruise ship, one never knows.
Next time, call the Coast Guard!