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Alligator Alley

Last Sunday, Robb and I went to seek adventure. The Everglades are calling so we throw the bikes in the back and head west. The powers that be finally decided to protect a small portion of the Everglades and it is now a World Heritage site. All conservation issues aside for a moment, we took the 15-mile circuitous route through Shark Valley. No sharks just alligators by the dozens. All signs warm that humans are not to come more than 15 feet from the critters but sometimes it was tough. The alligators just lie by the road or in some cases on the road gazing right back at all the tourists. I tried to get a photo of the alligator threatening Robb with the mouth open hiss action but I was not quick enough. Alligators can ‘run’ up to 30 miles an hour for short distances but this alligator seemed no more impressed with Robb than a fly. Later on in the ride when I was too tired to take photos one alligator was laying right on the road. Robb wanders over flaunting danger and the alligator takes one look and turns around to present his bum. The birds are numerous and huge but the alligators are the star. Another day, another adventure.BabyAlligator1