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The Mazzie Diaries


No one or Nothing and I do mean nothing can replace Wy. I still dream of the perfect dog God arrange especially for me. But we did have a brief visit from Mazzie, a 5-year-old golden retriever who comforted my longing heart.
Four people own a share of this vessel. The two primary owners are allergic (highly allergic) to dogs. The two secondary owners love their dog. Hm? What is the crew to do when on Thursday the secondary owners phone to say they will be arriving on Saturday for a week charter to the Keys with dog in tow? Yikes! They actually drove from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale just to bring the dog – what is a girl to do? As everyone knows I’m in love with dogs so I would never have said no BUT as we all know when there is dog there is dog hair everywhere. And this dog is afraid of her shadow and does not like bathes – doesn’t even enjoy water – odd? But the dog was on board for one joyous week and I loved it. Now I’m not so in love with it as I find hair in the sink, in bathtub, in the engine room – she didn’t even go there. Can you imagine what will happen with the primary owners show up in March for the trip to Bimini and they start sneezing? We did alert them but who is going to hear about it when the dog hair comes floating off the ceiling? Did anyone else read the Nanny Diaries? It’s the Mazzie diaries on this vessel.