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Johnny & Susan Come to Play

Robb’s Dad (Johnny) and his stepmom (Susan) came to play in January. Robb and I were thrilled to have visitors and esp. these. What a treat to hang with family in our current area of residence. It gets lonely here with just us two as we both love that family and friends connection. Johnny and Susan took off on a cruise to the islands but spent a few days wandering around FT L before departure. Johnny ran into 85 on the cruise and I so hope to have his mental and physical dexterity when I hit 85. They love my most favorite adventure, which is going to the bookstore and poking around the stacks. They buy and I write down titles to retrieve later from the library. If I ever see Ben Franklin, I will give him a huge smooch for creating the lending library. The space and money he saves me, oy vey! Johnny is up on all the new books and we threw back and forth the latest book reviews in the New York Times. Johnny also queried my religious beliefs on the concept of soul. It is good to rip open my mind again. It reminded me of how much I enjoy studying theology and pondering the deeper questions of how we should live. They invited back to Salt Lake City where they live. Susan is a doctor and works long hours as the head of a huge complex dept at the University Hospital – not too sure which one. I want to visit to see pictures of Robb with a mountain man beard, oh my goodness – just say no to facial hair. Why would he ever want to hide that cute face?