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Two Rooms with Popcorn!


The Before of the Master

opcorn ceilings are gross, who was the person who invented this ‘texture’?

Ease of use, functionality, I can hear the marketing ploy now.  So I’m up at six a. to work my boat magic and then move onto house magic.  Scrap, scarp, scarp now I know what I will look like when the hair is white.

And after you have detailed enough luxury liners, no detail or decorating horror escapes your notice, it makes me (& others) a bit nuts.  And the my genetic code forces me to work and work until the detail is right but I do feel a strange sort of pride in the job well done. 

Yacht owners are often retired or never even begin the work thing, try explaining that to the Cuban customs peeps. 

No es necesario para mí trabaja 

Had to repeat it several times before it sunk in. 

Odd this idea of not working. I’ve preached the essential nature of meaningful, productive activity but would I do so if I was a Wal-Mart heiress? Or the daughter of a billionaire? Or a Saudi Princess.
Just read, (yes, actually read – Robb won’t let me drive so I end up working the books, trying to discuss decor with Robb or reading on the commute from Coconut Grove to Pompano – 35 min sans traffic and it’s never sans traffic.) “Driving the Saudis” by Jayne Amelia Larson. Thought it would be a lark but a more profound subtext on freedom, despite having to work, on sacrifice and again freedom. I may work but I am free. Never should I waste that, never.
Now back to those damn popcorn ceilings.