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Questionable Excess x 2

Monkey? Skull? Monkey? Skull?


Personally I’m offended by the seeming honor of pirates by the plastering of the pirate/skull head on everything from t-shirts to flags to diamond bracelet (yes that is diamond bracelet – pictured above - who knew there were such things as black diamonds?).

Pirates are the original gangster thugs. They ride around in their floating cars killing people and stealing stuff, it puzzles me why people want to honor this behavior. You wouldn’t believe how many pirate themed yachtie parties are available to idiots who obviously do not know the history of the waters they cruise.

But the afore mentioned and pictured diamond bracelet baffles me not only on the pirate issue but on so many other levels:

  • it’s ugly
  • price tag - $250,000
  • it looks like a scary strange monkey head
  • it’s ugly
  • it sold

Really, someone actually purchased that? Really? One more lesson in that money certainly does not buy good taste.