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Friend Gifts!

It’s so lovely, inspiring, enriching to meet new people. Well, let me clarify that, new people who are curious, smart, clever, intelligent… notice a theme? Alright so we all meet new people and breeze past without a second look, it’s a crazy, busy, mixed up world and only rarely do you find someone that you can tolerate for more then 15 minutes of chit chat and who can even stand that much?
Yachting as a vocation also adds a bit of a twist. Yachties tend to be nomadic, believing that the next horizon will offer something new and cool and enriching so off we go sailing into the wild blue yonder – how cool is that? And it’s an intense industry as when you meet on a boat, you are often sleeping, eating and playing with these random nomads (working too I guess). And then one goes to this boat, another goes to that one and off we go to Italy, Palma, or wherever else a boat can sail. Keeping up with nomads can be challenging, not FB keeping up but really heart to heart keeping up but when it happens it’s a great occasion.
Shona and I met when I swung into my Safety Training Class (BST or STCW – depending on who you are speaking with) and plopped right next to this dark haired lovely. It was her first, my second (renewal required every five years) so of course, I had to share my wisdom – “the teacher will emphasize three times what will be on the test”, “only write down what I tell you” and “yes, we all have to don fire suits and fight fire in this 90 degree humid horror heat of July”. So we clicked. Chat, chat, chat we spent five days together learning how to care for one another in case of disaster and swimming in incredibly ugly saving suits. She was embarking on a grand new adventure after a wavy road of birth in Malawi (small African country – who knew?), Boarding school in India and a pharmacy degree from Cardiff in Wales – pharmacy degree? What the hell? Anyway, due to house obsession, even the very few friends I have permanently in FLL, (two at this count) I have trouble visiting. But my lovely Shona pal spent the whole day with me yesterday, making beds, counting pillow protectors and washing dishes. One day this house will be ready to rent, one day, not today, nope not today.