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Portland Cooking - Day 4

Portland Day 4 – Presentation Day.
The previous four days, focused on a specific protein but included plating ideas. Kimi fascinated and inspired me with her daily riff on taking the protein to plate. I’ve ‘learned’ to cook alone, off google and recipe books but I learn best when I stand next to someone whose experience and hard work results in seemingly effortless creativity. Kimi spent years working to make it ‘effortless’. And Day 4 was specific to the plate.
How fun is that? We also practiced a few skills that I lusted after. Parmesan Bowls. Spread some grated parm on a silpat, bake, then drape – viola. Crispy edible bowls for Caesar.


Chocolate Bowls – Edible conveyance for fruit.
Chocolate Bowls

Freeze dried strawberries = red ‘snow’ – how’s that for coolness.

And chocolate dust; kalamata olive dirt
Kimi’s creativity wacked around that kitchen like a bouncy ball. Now that’s worth the price of admission wouldn’t you say?
But the tool of the week is:
Benriner Cook Helper Slicer

I wish a picture could convey what this little gem can do!
Okay there are a hundred of these things online, this is just the one I found and immediately purchased. I remember seeing one on a boat and wondering what the hell? Dayworking you really don’t have time to ask questions so I had to quickly move on. Kimi produced the big reveal. How cool is that? Endless hours of food crafty coolness.