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No place to pee!


The Soon to be Master Bath

You never how much you need something until it disappears.
Well most who know me know I can never move far from a toilet. My sister jokes that through my influence she can find a bathroom anywhere we have visited.
But my new home is in the midst of it, three bathrooms torn up with hopeful indications of new revelations but now it’s simply a huge stinky dirty mess.
And I only add to the mess. Robb vetoed my hope to have another to paint the interior so it’s up to me and my OCD traits. Every mark, bump and shade eats at me. The laundry room (the only room my sister allows to be pink) is an absolute mess. We should have torn down the walls and started fresh but it’s giving me the opportunity to learn rudimentary construction skills. Oh joy! Really it’s me making a mess, Robb ‘guiding’ me and me working on redo. Remind me again why I bought this place?
I’m going back to my 7 million dollar boat to relax.

Greylaundry room